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guidebook; rules & frequently asked questions



As a panfandom game, we accept fandom and original characters as well as fandom OCs.

Each player can have up to eight characters and the limit per fandom is ten characters. So if there are ten taken characters from Dragon Ball, you can't apply for a new one. Fandom originals have their own counting, but five per fandom.

We don't allow repeat characters. If there's a character from the mangaverse, you can't apply the same from the animeverse or from the gameverse. Same with gameverse characters: if there's a Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, you can't apply Leon from Kingdom Hearts.

Fandom originals are only allowed if they have no connection to canon characters, which is to say they are allowed to be of a particular world but they should not have any relevance to the canon's story. For example, an original character from The Lord of the Rings could be an orc in the group that kidnapped Merry and Pippin, but he should not have any interaction with them.

Real people, historical and mythological characters aren't allowed, unless they're from a published work. For example, Queen Elizabeth I from the movie Elizabeth would be allowed, but the actual person would not.

We don't accept AUs nor OUs. This means fandom characters remain in their original form.

Activity Checks happen every so often, whenever it seems fit rather than scheduled. All you have to do are two threads with different characters of at least 10 comments total.

We understand real life takes priority, but only submit a hiatus when you're going on hiatus for real. Slowatus are allowed, just take them to [community profile] magictrain_ooc instead.

Fourth wall is usually allowed, but do make sure the character and player are comfortable with it. Don't start quoting Die Hard if John McLane is around.

Your character won't be judged by their sexuality nor libido, race, age or colour, but we are not a sex game. Don't force yourself onto others. If someone is bothering you with this, please contact a mod and we'll talk to the player in question.

ADDENDUM! If you're looking for plot, this is not the place for you.


For the regular RPer, [community profile] magictrain can be a bit confusing, but just think of it as a bit of a open musebox. While we are a very laid-back game, we do want characters with appropriate characterization. There's also the question of random encounters, NPCs, and the fact that everyone is shoved in a train, but the trick is to not overthink it: just have fun.

INSTALLATIONS are magical, meaning that there is no "fixed" structure, so the door that once lead to the room you're used to sleep in now leads you to the ballroom. Which means that RESIDENCE is not that much of a fixed thing. Sometimes the bedroom you have made yourself comfortable with will always be there, but some people may not be so lucky. It's all beautiful metagaming.

DAMAGES may occur in different events or when a raging bear crashes through doors and walls. However, the train is magical so don't worry, it will fix itself - sometimes as fast as a few minutes, sometimes it may take a couple of days. However, some pieces of furniture may not hold this magic property so... good luck with your belongings.

FOOD & ALCOHOL and also basic things such as water are all kept in the kitchen and in the dining room AKA the buffet.

MONEY is not a necessity, as everything inside the train is free, but every time the train stops for a visit to a city, a couple of bucks in the pocket may be useful. For that, all your character has to do are simple chores like making the bed or cleaning the bathroom or making their own dinner - or even going to the machinery room and oil up some stuff. The train will magically reward your character and money or a credit card or whatever the currency of the city they have stopped by is in your pocket. Or wallet. Or hand.

INJURY & DEATH While there is no infirmary or real medical staff at the train (the Naughty Nurse will probably throw a tantrum and break your bones before fixing them), there is always a first aid kit available. However, if your character dies inside the train, they will be resurrected in three days. If that happens outside the train, like in a city, they are permanently dead.


Relying on generic posting, we like to use action tags. We have no specific format, but we tend to go with the flow which means [ bracket style ] is the norm, but if you prefer to use ( parenthesis ) or * asterisks * nobody is going to stop you.

People aren't required to post with their characters every day NOR when their posts are replied to is it required they reply to every single person who is in there. See, posts are made by demand, meaning if the previous post hasn't had active threads in the past couple of hours or if it is dying down then someone may make a new post. In a way, we work more as a community rather than an individual - like a glorified musebox.

When a post is made, people can either react to the subject or the post or disregard it. It is just a template that can be acted on or not (unless it's a massive effect post that would affect a lot of people like the floor turning into lava).

As you can see, there is no communication device. We rely on action rather than communication, but if you are a fan of leaving love letters to your neighbour, you should make an inbox post in your own character journal.

Some words you may hear around this RPG.

TMT: Abbreviation for the game (The Magic Train).

COMBO: When you manage to make a row of comments without being interrupted without using numbers in the subject title.

THREAD-JACKING/JACKING: When a character interrupts a thread in timely manner between two others. Don't abuse this, it can be obnoxious.

BAGLING: Like thread-jacking, only worse because a) you don't give the players a head-up and b) it's the most inappropriate moment to bagle a thread, like an argument or during foreplay. Again, don't abuse it.

GODMODDING: To be used within common sense. While you could kill the RAGING BEARS, you really shouldn't be able to dive through the lava floor.

FOURTH WALL: Each player is to have their opinion respected. If you want the characters to know they're just a character, fine, if not, then don't.

INFOMODDING: Denied; this means your characters knows things that they shouldn't because you, as a player, know. Don't leak OOC into IC.

RANDOM ENCOUNTERS: Here at TMT, we don't have regular events nor plot. This is a classic "you are here" type of roleplay. But this doesn't mean it's stale! In fact, a lot of things happen, like unicorns watching you sleep or suddenly everyone turns into the opposite gender.

NEXT STOP: The next stop is basically a warning that the train is going to stop somewhere. Sometimes it's a normal Earth place like India or Canada, but other times they are planets and dimensions away from that, that may or may not influence the anatomy of your character.

✪ F.A.Q. ✪

I still don't understand what this game is about. Can you summarize it?
Basically, your character is now living in a flying magic train which is driven by a giant cigarette that talks with an Italian accent and sometimes they have random encounters with most random things, like bears or creepy unicorns.

So, how do I play this game? Do I have to add journals to my friendlist?
You can, if you want to, but all the action happens at [community profile] magictrain while OOC communication goes to [community profile] magictrain_ooc. There are no communication devices, but you may post a "mailbox" in your character's journal. Not obligatory, though.

My character is pretty powerful. Are they allowed to remain with their power?
Yes, but don't try to destroy the train, it's not going to happen. Anything that could affect the train just... doesn't happen.

My character has an item they always carry around. Can they bring it here?
Yes, they're allowed to bring one item to the motel. Animals and/or creatures like Pokémon are counted as an item. Remember that firearms have the problem of not having projectiles (bullets) around, so you might want to be careful with that.

You say that's only ten characters per fandom, but what about characters from universes like Disney?
Given as this sort of universes are quite big, these "sub-divisions" are to be taken as individual fandoms (as in, Marvel's X-Men is different from Young Avengers).

What are your rules on webcomic characters?
We allow them, but it would be nice if you had the author's permission. Also, for Homestuck characters, do not write in colourful text. There are no communication devices, it's all face to face, so there is no need nor excuse to use the formatted text.

Are there any character you don't allow?
For now, we don't accept Hetalia characters because that would involve "picking up a country" and thus, it would "disappear" from the map if aboard The Flying Corsair.

What is your stand on PBs?
If your fandom character has available art, use the available art. If you want an OC to have a PB, go ahead. Please try to avoid repeated PBs but if there is no way around it, then just pretend they look alike not that they have the same exact face.


If you still have any question, feel free to comment here.