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information; our next stop is...


Like the random encounters, The Flying Corsair sometimes happens to make a quick stop in various destinations. Characters may find themselves in the middle of the Sahara Desert or at a random planet in a galaxy far, far away.

What does this mean for the passenger of The Flying Corsair? Well, it means they get to explore and even get new stuff (in case they have some allowance money from the chores done in their pockets) or just sit sourly in the train.

Oh, they may try to run off at will, but soon they will notice that it's pretty useless because once The Flying Corsair is ready to go, the characters will either go back to it by their own free will or they get teleported back to the train no matter what they are doing. Yes. Even if they're in the bathroom. We hope your character doesn't have unfortunate timing.


Whenever a Quick Stop is scheduled, the machinist will announce it and in the back of all the tickets a schedule will be added. As the character travels with The Flying Corsair, it will amount the destinations s/he has been at.



All the quick stops The Flying Corsair has made so far are listed below, along with dates of when it happened. Your character's ticket will have as many destinations as the time they have been in the train.

If you have a destination you would like The Flying Corsair to travel to, just comment here.