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information; the magical train of magicalness


[community profile] magictrain is a panfandom roleplaying game, meaning it allows both fandom and original characters, as well as fandom originals, all within reason.

Bringing back the classic style of "you wake up here", [community profile] magictrain brings your character aboard an odd train that flies all over the worlds and dimensions alike.

You may be wondering how your character got here. Well, since [community profile] magictrain is actually the whole classic RPG, there's no reason given. You just wake up here. That's all you have to know. You wake up inside the magic train (which is so magical that inside the carriages there seems to be more space than you would guess from the outside) and it's full of rooms. The train never stops. Unless it does. If it does, then your character has the opportunity to visit whichever destination they are at, but don't try to run off, given as you will be instantly teleported back to the train, no matter what you are doing. Yes. Even if you are peeing. When the bell chimes for departure, your character is just going to be brought back inside The Flying Corsair.


What is, in fact, The Flying Corsair?

A Magic Train of Magicalness (TM)! Flying through time and space, the laws of physic do not apply to this sort of sentient train. Inside the train there are thousands of rooms and instead of being a linear train, you will find that while some carriages are pretty much like any train, others will appear to be like gigantic hallways with many doors that lead to multiple bedrooms (either a double bedroom or a four-people one), some will lead to stairs that will take you to the kitchen or the dining hall that could make Hogwarts jealous.

But no matter where your character might wake up (in a room, in a closet, in the machine room, in the bathroom, wherever does not matter), s/he will find a ticket in his or her pocket (or, you know, stuck to their forehead or holding it between their teeth: it's your choice). The ticket is totally normal, made of recycled paper. Very vintage, really, and you will see that they are of different shapes and sizes. Basically, they're pretty customized at your will, but the back of all tickets will always have the following words:


You have won a free ticket to THE FLYING CORSAIR! Congratulations!

Please visit our installations! Our buffet has free food, but we would not advice you to drink the weird coloured juices! The bar is located on the top floor, try those instead.

All the rooms are unlocked! Please feel free to rest in one of our accommodations.

-- Regards,
The Machinist [ photo here ]

Oh, the picture of the machinist?

A gigantic cigarette wearing a blue bonnet and a moustache. Yup.

In fact, you may find a lot of regular creatures wandering around the train. Check the list of regular NPCs to know more about the machinist and other peculiar residents of the magic train. While you're at it, you might be interested in checking out the random events that happen around here or even the train schedule of previous and future destinations.