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characters; taken list


Before applying, please make sure you have read the rules and checked the taken characters page.

The box beneath contains the application. If your applications has been rejected, you are welcome to apply again after a week. Remember that there are only allowed ten characters per fandom.

Regarding PBs, you're free to browse Hollow Art or [ profile] pb_updates. We don't accept PBs of existing manga or anime, though if you'd rather draw your character, we're not going to stop you - just make sure you're not using someone else's art for an original character. Try to avoid using PBs that are already used by a fandom character as well, but if you really can't avoid it, then use your imagination and don't call yourselves twins, rather look-a-likes with slight differences.

Only [personal profile] lolmods can approve or reject an application.

You're free to post a link to your application instead of commenting it.




Name: What you go by.
Journal: Your username.
Current Characters: If applicable.
Name: First name, last name.
Username: Character's username.
Fandom: Please provide a link. "Original" for OCs // "Original [ FANDOM NAME ]" for fandom OCs.
Age: Approximately, if not given by canon.
PB: Canon point where you're taking them from - pre-canon is acceptable for characters who have information on it.
For original characters: Vital for us to understand the world of your original character. This section should explain the broader view of their world and the role they play within it. We don't necessarily need to know information about the world that will never apply to your character's life, but if you want to include it, go ahead.
This is where you should include a small explanation of your character: their weaknesses, strengths, most blatant traits and so on. Basically, a "mini personality section". We don't need many words, but for originals characters, a bit of their background is necessary in this section. If you already have a big explanation about them, go ahead and link us, but it's not necessary. Also, fandom originals should have no contact with main characters, like being the long lost cousin of Indiana Jones or something.
The "powers" is aimed at the supernatural/magic powers your character has. Elaborate as necessary. If your character has any exceptional talents (outside the supernatural field, like being a martial artist, Olympic runner, etc), please list them here too.
This is an OPTIONAL CATEGORY. Anything you may want to add, like relevant objects they are bringing with them.


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[personal profile] mobileshipcomp 2013-01-27 07:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Cybra
Journal: [personal profile] cybra
Current Characters: None!

Name: Aya
Username: [personal profile] mobileshipcomp
Age: 1 (seriously, she was only activated a few months before series start)
Fandom: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Timeline: Right after "Blue Hope"

The AI originally in control of the Green Lantern ship the Interceptor's navigational systems, Aya has evolved far beyond her original programming. She has started to understand and even express complex emotions such as love towards her crewmates, particularly towards the Red Lantern Razer. Her physical body is comprised mostly of a hard light construct made of the Green Light of Will, the same light she can manipulate to defend others. Her program continues to grow all the time.


  • Flight - Aya can fly in both her android form and using the Interceptor

  • Green Lantern Energy Manipulation - She can manipulate the same energy of willpower as regular Green Lanterns, forming constructs, shields, and even firing energy blasts as attacks. She can also use it for simply projecting information as needed. This also means that in the presence of someone wielding the blue light of Hope, she gains a significant power boost.

  • Hacking - As a computer, Aya can hack into other systems to either upload or download files.

  • Pure Energy Form - Aya can separate herself from a physical form to travel through cabling to reach various destinations and even use her hacking abilities.

  • Sensors - Aya can use the sensors built into either the Interceptor or her android form to scan the area around her.

I need something light and fluffy after so many FEELS with this series.