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Name: Cybra
Journal: [personal profile] cybra
Current Characters: None!

Name: Aya
Username: [personal profile] mobileshipcomp
Age: 1 (seriously, she was only activated a few months before series start)
Fandom: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Timeline: Right after "Blue Hope"

The AI originally in control of the Green Lantern ship the Interceptor's navigational systems, Aya has evolved far beyond her original programming. She has started to understand and even express complex emotions such as love towards her crewmates, particularly towards the Red Lantern Razer. Her physical body is comprised mostly of a hard light construct made of the Green Light of Will, the same light she can manipulate to defend others. Her program continues to grow all the time.


  • Flight - Aya can fly in both her android form and using the Interceptor

  • Green Lantern Energy Manipulation - She can manipulate the same energy of willpower as regular Green Lanterns, forming constructs, shields, and even firing energy blasts as attacks. She can also use it for simply projecting information as needed. This also means that in the presence of someone wielding the blue light of Hope, she gains a significant power boost.

  • Hacking - As a computer, Aya can hack into other systems to either upload or download files.

  • Pure Energy Form - Aya can separate herself from a physical form to travel through cabling to reach various destinations and even use her hacking abilities.

  • Sensors - Aya can use the sensors built into either the Interceptor or her android form to scan the area around her.

I need something light and fluffy after so many FEELS with this series.

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