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information; random encounters


Although we don't really have "monthly events" nor any plot, the [community profile] magictrain is a community that relies on total randomness. Which is to say, a lot of crazy stuff happens every once in a while. Or every other day.

As the magic train The Flying Corsair is, obviously really weird things are going to happen within it. Besides it being completely physics-defying, this magic train occasionally sends "gifts" to its passengers. Among them, you will find the sporadic lava floor, the very annoying Benny Hill music that will play all day and, of course, the emblematic raging polar bears that trample everything in its path.

Below is a list of the various encounters you may find around the magical train of magicalness.

The material of the train suddenly changes everywhere. It can be from cotton-filled walls to lava floor to drawers filled with scorpions or the ceiling dripping acid.


Paquito loves to experiment with alien food (or drinks) and on occasion you will end up with a peculiar form of food poisoning, among them:
  • Age Up/Down: Either the character becomes significantly younger or older. They can either be mentally their age or just physically.
  • Animal: Turns the characters into animals.
  • Bodyswap: Characters swap bodies.
  • Exploding: Quick, find the cure or you will EXPLODE INTO SPARKLES.
  • Gender Reversal: The character becomes the opposite gender.
  • Hallucinogenic: Makes people hallucinate specific things (for example, that everyone else is a dinosaur, s/he is a chicken, etc.).
  • Honesty: The character can't lie at all. In fact, s/he will have the desire of just saying everything they have wanted to say to whoever they encounter.
  • Love & Lust: Either the character becomes completely in love with the first person they see after consuming the alien food or they need to desperately have sex.
  • Personality Flip: If a character is a bitter, sarcastic bully s/he becomes sweet, honest and full of sparkles and rainbows. Or vice-versa. Basically, his/her personality takes a 180º turn.
  • Rage: Even the polar bears crumble at the sight of a passenger influenced by rage food.
  • Senses Deprivation: Character loses one of his/her five senses.
  • Zombified: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!
The only way to reserve these effects is to wait for Dr. Goat to spray everyone with the antidote. It can take several minutes to a couple hours.


Throughout a period of time (sometimes hours, sometimes a day, on occasion a couple minutes), music blasts in every section of the train, with the exception of the ballroom.


A hoard of polar bears tramples through the train and runs over like a freaking truck over anyone and anything that strands in their way. Crash through walls and everything.

If you have an event you would like to see, suggest it here.